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Express Yourself with Beautiful Hair

At Salon I Am, we are passionate about helping you to define yourself. You might be wondering exactly what it means to define yourself. Our team of beauty experts believes that to define yourself is to express yourself, and we are here to help you to do just that. We at Salon I Am aspire to inspire you and believe that expressing yourself is not just about your hair, but is an experience in and of itself. We love to leave you with that amazing feeling of stepping out of the salon with not only beautiful and gorgeous hair, but confidence and self-love. With our trendsetting and fresh styles and compassionate and talented staff, we are here to help you to tell the story of who you are through your hair. In our relaxing and nurturing environment, we invite you to play, discover and enhance your own beauty.

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Our Highly Trained and Experienced Beauty Experts

Our staff at Salon I Am is caring, artistic and extremely skillful, and we love to provide you with personal and individualized attention. All of our hair and beauty experts have years of experience and professional training behind them and are committed to continuing their education and learning in their fields. Donna is grateful to have only the best beauty professionals on her team, and is proud of the family and community that she has created with Salon I Am. Whether it is learning the latest beauty trends or trying out the newest trendy haircut, our team is passionate about bringing you only the best with their expert skills and creativity. To find out more about our talented staff, please click here.

“Our Goal is to Help You Define Yourself”

To transform yourself is fascinating, but to enhance yourself is divine! At Salon I Am, we love to see you show your colors, embrace your style and love your beauty. Feel comfortable and at ease with our caring beauty experts at our gorgeous salon, and explore and experience your own beauty. Each of the stylists and service providers at Salon I Am proudly stand by our mission statement and strive to provide you with the space and expertise to define yourself. Stop by our salon today and experience and enhance the beauty that is already within you.

Passionate About Our Community

More than just beauty treatment and hair services, Salon I Am is extremely passionate about serving our community. What sets Salon I Am apart from other salons is our commitment and service to Montville, and we grateful and happy to be involved in the community and serve the people in it. Salon I Am has supported and raised funds for numerous causes and centers in the area. Some of our important community projects include pancreatic cancer awareness, fundraising for St. Jude’s Hospital, breast cancer awareness and support for the Montville animal shelter. Our team at Salon I Am is proud to be able to support the community we serve and look forward to continuing our fundraising and support efforts for the community.

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